Programme Overview

    A series of programme are offered, each customised to match the profile, qualification and teaching experience of participants. These programmes aim to help participants develop confidence and learn essential skills and methodologies to effectively teach the ACCA courses. Participants will get to learn tips from experienced and renowned trainers on useful techniques, resources and toolkits to support them to conduct ACCA courses. Through modelling of the best practices and techniques in training delivery, participants will gain strong foundation in critical training skills and seasoned tutors will be introduced to new approaches for delivering effective teaching.

    Entry Requirements

    To be accepted to the programme, participants must:

    • Possess at least a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and finance or management; or a professional qualification recognised by the International Federation of Accountants
    • Attain English language proficiency of IELTS 6.5, MUET Band 4 or equivalent
    • Be familiar with the overall ACCA syllabi
    • Be committed to complete pre-programme work prior to commencement of programme (pre-programme pack will be sent to participants 3 weeks before lesson starts)

    The following pre-programme work MUST be completed:
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    NEW TUTORS (Without Prior Teaching Experience Or Less Than 3 Years Experience)
    ACADEMIC TUTORS (At Least 3 Years Experience)