Academic Tutors (ACCA Skill Paper)

  • Course Code
  • Venue
    Kuala Lumpur
  • Course Duration
    5 Days
  • Date
    2-3 & 6-8 June 2018
  • Registration Closing Date:
    22 April 2018

The programme learning emphasises on collaborative, evidence-based and problem-solving pedagogy popular in the training industry.Participants will discuss the key differences between delivering an academic programme and a professional programme. There will be a combination of lectures, seminars/tutorials, group work and oral presentations throughout the course. The programme aims to promote the integration of theories and its application. We hope at the end of the course, participants will be able to use techniques acquired through previous teaching experience in their future professional qualification training.

Upon successful completion of this module, participants will be able to acquire the following skills:

  • Adapt lecturing and teaching approach to effectively deliver a professional programme
  • Simplify difficult lecture topics to enhance understanding of students
  • Fully maximise utilisation of ACCA resources in teaching delivery
  • Able to teach effectively ACCA skill paper in the relevant field of expertise
  • Able to demonstrate application of knowledge in lectures
  • Able to prepare simple and conscise notes for students
Day 1 ACCA Qualification Updates
Recap: ACCA Education Hub, Tutor Excellence Programme and BPP University Language Support
Qualification Overview & Syllabus
Maximising technology and handling of visual aids to facilitate lecture delivery
Day 2 Lecture Illustration: What is Learning Phase?
Technical Briefing: Listing of Difficult topics within the syllabus
Technical Briefing: Delivering and Tackling students’ common questions from the Difficult Topics
Activity: Mock Lecture 1
Activity: Trainer and Peers evaluation of Mock Lecture 1
Day 3 Lecture Illustration: Revision Phase
Technical Briefing: Different question types & Tackling exam questions
Technical Briefing: How to practise questions in class. Obstacles Tutors will potentially face.
Activity: Mock Lecture 2
Activity: Trainer and Peers evaluation of Mock Lecture 2
Day 4 Lecture Illustration: Combining Learning and Revision Phase (Final Preparation Phase)
Technical Briefing: Summarizing and Doing practise questions effectively
Technical Briefing: Students’ problem areas during Final Preparation
Activity: Mock Lecture 3
Activity: Trainer and Peers evaluation of Mock Lecture 3
Day 5 Activity: Mock Lecture 4
Activity: Trainer and Peers evaluation of Mock Lecture 4
Technical Briefing: Summary notes sample & Reference to ACCA Approved Content Provider Materials
Technical Briefing: How to prepare additional notes on Difficult topics
Activity: Notes Preparation
Activity: Peers Evaluation & Wrap Up
  • Mock lectures
  • ACCA examination (encouraged)


MYR2,500 (fees inclusive of all materials included in the Participant’s Kit, refreshments and lunch)