Terms and Conditions

  1. Subject matter, conclusion of the contract
    1. These general terms and conditions apply for all training and certification programs delivered by INSPIRE Professional Academy Sdn. Bhd. (subsequently known as INSPIRE).
    2. Participants must register in advance to take part in INSPIRE trainings or ACCA exam. Registration consists of filling out an online form, that is provided on INSPIRE’s website.
    3. Registration also includes selecting the training session the participant intends to attend or the respective ACCA exam. The INSPIRE’s website provides a list of training programmes offered by INSPIRE.
    4. The contract only takes effect upon INSPIRE receiving full payment of the training fee.

  2. Conducting training
    1. INSPIRE is responsible for conducting training and is free to choose any consultant/ trainer for such purposes. INSPIRE is entitled to change the contents of training sessions as long as the objective of the training is not compromised. INSPIRE may cancel training, change the date, time of training or designated training location with advance notice.
    2. INSPIRE will make every effort to provide the participant with all important knowledge during training sessions, as per the training plan and training documents.
    3. Participants will receive a certificate confirming participation upon completion of training, subject to meeting all criteria as stipulated in the programme requirement.

  3. Certification
    1. The course fee does not include ACCA exam fee in the event participant chooses to attempt ACCA exam. It is participant’s responsibility to ensure due payment of exam fee is made to ACCA before registration deadline as stipulated by ACCA.
    2. INSPIRE will inform the participant of the ACCA examination results when results are released as determined by ACCA.
    3. ACCA stipulates that participants of the Programme must not use their certificates to promote or attract students to study other accounting and finance qualifications.

  4. Compensation and terms of payment
    1. All fees are due upon receipt of an invoice and must be paid in full within 5 working days.Applicable tax as required by law will be included in all prices and indicated on the invoice.
    2. If payment is not made on time, INSPIRE may cancel participant’s eligibility to participate in the training.

  5. Cancellation by INSPIRE
    1. INSPIRE is entitled to cancel training if excess or insufficient registration cannot guarantee proper or economically feasible training. INSPIRE is also entitled to cancel training due to instructor illness, technical reasons, or other reasons beyond INSPIRE’s control.
    2. Before exercising this right to cancellation, INSPIRE will make every effort to reschedule training with the participant’s consent. In case of rescheduling, the contract will remain in effect and will be amended with the consent of both parties. If the parties cannot agree on the amendment to the contract, the contract will be terminated, and any fees paid by the customer will be reimbursed.

  6. Termination by the customer
    1. All fees paid are non-refundable.
    2. If the participant is unable to attend, he/she is entitled to designate another representative from his/her company to participate in the training subject to meeting entry requirements for the stipulated course. The client will incur no additional costs. However, once the programme starts, no further changes are allowed.

  7. Right to training documents, software
    1. All training documents are intended for the exclusive personal use of the participant.
    2. The participant recognizes INSPIRE’s copyright and therefore the exclusive distribution rights and right of use of training documents and software.
    3. INSPIRE gives the participant the single and non-transferable right to use training documents and software for purposes stipulated in the contract. The right to use training software is limited to the length of the training session and may be automatically rescinded following completion of training. INSPIRE is not required to provide notice of this rescission.
    4. The participant is not allowed to reproduce the training documents, in particular to process them in electronic systems, duplicate, or modify them in any way, or distribute them in any form to third parties. All embedded knowledge and teaching systems provided by INSPIRE to the participant on data storage media or made available on electronic networks are considered training documents.
    5. In addition, the participant recognizes all of INSPIRE’s brand, trademark, name, and patent rights to the software and related documents. The participant may not remove, modify, or render unrecognizable copyright indications or indications of property rights.
    6. Participant acknowledges that access to ACCA online and/or ACCA Approved Content Providers materials are for their sole use during the training period only.

  8. Confidentiality
    1. The participant is obligated to keep confidential propriety right of training documents made known to him/her during training. This obligation is not limited to the training period. The participant may not share these with a third party or use them for his/her own purposes without written permission from INSPIRE.
    2. The participant may not conduct any internal or external training or certification exams on INSPIRE’s products.

  9. Liability
    1. INSPIRE is only liable to the participant, regardless of legal grounds, for willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of INSPIRE itself or its employees.
    2. Due to the current technology, access to the server with teaching materials cannot be guaranteed at all times. INSPIRE is not liable if access is not available for short period of time.

  10. Other
    1. The participant must obtain prior written permission from INSPIRE to transfer all rights stipulated in the contract.
    2. Changes and supplements to these terms and particularly warranties and agreements must be specified in writing to serve as point in controversy. Oral agreements are not valid.