1. Why do we set up the Academy?

It is a common feedback that there is a significant lack of quality tuition in many ACCA markets. And in markets where quality tuition already exists, learning providers find it increasingly difficult to recruit tutors who are able to teach the ACCA papers, and hence, can’t expand their operations.

The Academy is set up with the main objective to increase the pool of trained, effective ACCA tutors, and thus, ensure the education network has a sufficient supply of quality tutors who are capable of delivering ACCA courses to a high standard.

2. Is this a joint venture between ACCA and INSPIRE? Who owns the Academy?

No, ACCA is an awarding body and is not mandated to offer training. However, by acknowledging stakeholders’ feedbacks that there is a need for a platform to grow the number of quality tutors, ACCA undertakes the concept of a recognised tutor training academy, fully run by a third party under stringent scrutiny by ACCA.

The strategy is to work with a third-party partner to draw on partner’s experience and expertise on establishing a training academy and ensuring programmes are run based on guidelines set by ACCA, with clear policies for certification of tutors who complete the programme, and on-going monitoring processes over approved academies.

In a nutshell, ACCA does not run the Academy. The Academy is recognised by ACCA as having fulfilled prescribed guidelines and policies adopted by ACCA for such purposes. INSPIRE is the first of such kind under this pilot project and there could be more in other regions.

3. What is the process of accreditation for INSPIRE to be recognised by ACCA? Is the programme accredited and endorsed by ACCA?

A formal accreditation process applies to ensure the set-up, structure and operating model of the Academy is fit-for-purpose in the environment in which the Academy is operating in. ACCA applies stringent examination of the programme structure, approach and the high-level programme contents to ensure its effectiveness; making sure that the ACCA guidelines and policies are properly adhered to.

4. What criteria are applied in the selection of the trainers?

The Academy is entrusted to select the team of trainers deemed to be most appropriate for the effective delivery of the programme.

ACCA performs a check on the credentials of these trainers, supported by evidence to determine their suitability for the role. Areas that ACCA would normally consider include their academic or professional achievements, years of experience in teaching ACCA, and independent testimonial of past performance and track record.

5. What form of quality assurance mechanism is built around the delivery of the programme?

ACCA imposes conditions in the form of key performance measures that the Academy is expected to exercise its best endeavour to meet. These measures form part of the on-going monitoring processes and will be used by ACCA as a basis, amongst others, to evaluate effectiveness and continuation of such operation.

6. What certification will participants get after completion of the programme?

The Academy offers up to two tiers of certification.

Certificate of Attendance is issued to those who have completed the course, i.e. full attendance and complete all work and exercises required by the programme, prior to and throughout the programme duration.

Certificate of Achievement is only issued to those who meet criteria as mentioned above for Certificate of Attendance, plus prescribed result in two sets of examination:

a) achieved 3 out of 5 score in class exercises (mock lectures)
b) passed ACCA exam for the selected subject paper registered

7. How is the course fee determined?

The Academy is given the autonomy to operate including setting of fees, logistics arrangements and all other operational matters. ACCA does not interfere with operational matters of the Academy.

8. How frequent will the programmes be run?

It has been agreed that the programme is available twice a year, in June and December at the initial stage; and may be increased, subject to demand and resource availability.

9. I am an ACCA member. By attending this programme, can I claim as CPD?

Studying this programme can count towards CPD for ACCA members. ACCA’s CPD policy states that one hour of learning is equivalent to one unit. Learning is verifiable if it is relevant to your career, you can demonstrate how you have applied the learning and you can prove that the learning actually takes place.